Prayer Stretch


This stretch is great for people that have kyphosis (rounded spine) in their upper thoracic region and is beneficial for yogi’s trying to correct their posture. This move will increase mobility in the thoracic spine as well as stretch the latissimus dorsi muscles; a group of muscles along the posterior lateral part of the trunk, that if tight can restrict overhead activities.


Start off on your knees with the roller in front of you. Place your hands together on the roller and, while keeping your chest up as much as possible, push your arms forward to let the foam roll underneath your arm towards your body. As you’re rolling the foam out, you should get a nice stretch in your lats. Come back to the starting position and repeat for the necessary amount of repetitions (usually two or three sets of 10 to 12 reps works well).

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Is Nerve Entrapment the Culprit?

By Dr. Jon Sebby, D.C., ART Provider – 

Nerve EntrapmentPeripheral nerves, such as the sciatic, have their own unique biomechanics to allow for movement of the arms or legs. Nerves are surrounded and encased by muscle and connective tissue, so they need to be able to ‘slide’ through tissue during movement. Nerves can only stretch about 15% of their resting length before the blood vessels tighten down and lose blood flow.

If nerves are unable to slide, tension develops because nerve tissue is highly sensitive and can be injured easily if too much stress is applied to it.  In the case of the sciatic nerve, too much tension will cause the hamstrings to feel “tight”. Hamstring tightness can be attributed to the sciatic nerve or one of its branches, the tibial and common peroneal nerves, being entrapped within the hamstrings and/or calves.

The detection of neural tension requires specialized training. The doctors at Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine are qualified and experience in utilizing specific soft tissue work and neural mobilizations tailored to treat neural tension.

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