Tight Hip Flexors

Q. I have tight hip flexors. Is stretching my hip flexors enough to overcome the tightness? What else could I be doing to help my situation?

A.If you are like most, your daily commute and sitting throughout the majority of the day contributes to the length of your hip flexors.  The more time you spend sitting will tend to shorten your hip flexors.  Tight hip flexors can add compression forces to your lumbar spine when you do stand up, as well as create other problems for your hips and low back.

Half-Kneeling Desk Work

Depending on the height of your desk, you may be able to kneel on one knee while doing computer and deskwork. By using a small pillow, folded towel, or pad you can alternate kneeling on one knee while you check email, do your spreadsheets or even peruse Facebook. By keeping one hip extended, you effectively reduce the amount of time you have your hips flexed. This also puts you spine in a more neutral and less stressful position. Start by trying 10-15 minutes every hour in the half-kneeling position.

Standing Desk

Many people these days are realizing the benefits of standing desks. By standing at your desk you forgo the sitting all together. Plus, many people claim to be more productive and less groggy when they switch to standing desks. If you work with a laptop, a low-cost way of making a standing desk is to simply take a chair and place it on your desk and then put the laptop on the chair.

Stand While Talking on the Phone

If you are not quite ready to do the standing desk, you can at least handle your phone calls while
standing. Just be sure to use a headset if you use the phone a lot.
To stretch your hip flexors with other exercises, add the hip flexor and back stretches to your daily

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