By Dr. Josh Akin, DC, ART, MUA Provider

Plantar fasciitis is a condition of inflammation in the fibrous tissue that travels from the calcaneus to the base of the toes. Often the structures, particularly the muscles and tendons that lie below the fascia also become involved. Typically, those are the structures that get very inflamed and are tender to the touch.
This condition is the result of repetitive stresses to the area that develop over an extended period of time. These stresses include but are not limited to altered biomechanics during walking or running, a sudden increase in activity, injury to the lower extremity or shoes that are not properly fitted to the foot. Once the tissue integrity is compromised by any of these stresses, the body responds by laying down scar tissue to stabilize the area and prevent any further injury or inflammation. This results in shortening of the plantar aponeurosis and adhesions between the fascia and the underlying structures.

Treatment of this condition is approached in two different manners. First, chiropractic manipulation is performed to the pelvic region and any lower extremity joints necessary, ensuring proper bony alignment. Secondly, the soft tissues are treated with Active Release Technique® (ART). This aspect of treatment is able to break up any scar tissue and adhesions that may have been laid down by the body, while restoring normal translation between all of structures on the bottom of the foot. Soft tissue treatment, as well as the chiropractic manipulation, focuses not only on the foot, but the entire kinetic chain beginning with the foot, moving through the gastrocnemius/soleus, the hamstring and into the pelvic musculature. This allows for the restoration of circulation and oxygen-supply to the area, thus facilitating tissue healing.

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