Stability ball walk-outs is a great exercise for core and shoulder stability, as well it is beneficial exercise to increase scapular stability for smooth shoulder mobility.  This exercise helps to reduce shoulder injuries by increase strength and is especially good for athletes who play paddle sports.


core-stability1Step 1:  To start lie on your stomach over the top of a stability ball. Begin on an all fours position with your torso on the ball and hands and feet on the floor. Lengthen your legs and stretch your heels to the back of the room. Your feet should be off the ground and your hands should be directly under your shoulder.

Step 2: With your abdominals engaged and torso rigid, slowly walk your hands forward. Avoid allowing your legs to droop. Continue walking out until the fronts of your thighs or knees are resting on the top of the ball. The further you walk away from the ball, the greater the stability challenge. Go slowly and find the challenge that is right for you.

Step 3: Slowly walk yourself backwards to your starting position. Try to maintain your stability and balance.

Going forward and back to starting positions is 1 rep. Do 10 reps and 3 sets for a full core and shoulder stability workout.

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