By Dr. Jon Sebby, DC, ART Provider – If you practice yoga and have reached a plateau in flexibility and ability to perform certain poses, you may have some adhesions or “scar tissue” physically restricting any further range of motion and progress.  Chiropractic adjustments can help by increasing motion in joints that are restricted. Yoga is an amazing form of exercise. It does a remarkable job helping people look better on the outside and feel calmer on the inside. Even more, it works amazing to combat inflexibility. Whether you work hours on end at a desk or spend hours running, yoga can help relieve inflexible joints and tight muscles. Doing anything sustained or repetitive desk work, driving, running, weight training can potentially starve your muscles and ligaments of blood, oxygen, and other important fluids. This can lead to weak and shortened muscles, tight joints, and potentially adhesion formation in these joints and muscles.

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