With bike season getting into full gear, try adding these moves into your routine to help keep yourself healthy this summer.  These stretches are designed to help with common trouble areas with cyclists and casual riders.  Perform these movements before and after your rides and again on your days off.

1.   Hamstring


Place the heel of one foot on the seat of a stable chair. While maintaining a flat back, bend forward at the hips as you feel the stretch in the back of leg.  Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.

2.  Neck Rolls


From a standing position, pull shoulders down and back.  Tuck chin into chest. Keeping chin close to chest, slowly roll neck clockwise in a circular motion. Then roll neck counter-clockwise in a circular motion.  Do 5 times.

3.  Hip Flexor Stretch


Kneel on one knee. Place front foot 12” in front of back knee. Keep stomach/glute tight as you move front knee over the foot. Hold for 30 seconds, do 2 times.

4.  Piriformis


Lie on back with knees bent. Put left ankle on right quad. With hands on right hamstring, bring your right leg towards you. Hold for 30 seconds. Do 5 times.

5.  Cat-Camel Stretch


From kneeling on all fours, place your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Drop your head, round your back and tuck you pelvis. Hold for 3 seconds and exhale. Extend your head with a tucked chin and fully extend your back. Do 10 sets.

6. Abductor Massage with Foam Roller


Start just below the crease of your hip and roll up & down to your mid (inner) thigh 10-15 times. Then perform 10-15 rolls starting at your mid (inner) thigh and rolling down to the inside of your knee.

Download Stretches and Exercises for Cyclists and Recreational Riders